Media Lab

Media lab hours are 10 AM – 5 PM, Mon - Fri. The media lab includes 8 public computers with printing. We also send faxes at no charge to area code 504 and toll-free numbers, we receive faxes sent to our 916.675.7827 number, and we do copying as well. The first 5 computer printouts or copies are free, and any additional copies or printouts are ten cents each. If you have 5 copies and 5 printouts that is 10 items total, and you will be charged for 5 of them. We regret that we are unable to send faxes to long-distance numbers.

iPads to Promote Computer Literacy

In today's challenging economy, having basic computer skills can be critical to finding and keeping a job. However, for many people without computer experience, traditional computers can be intimating and difficult to use. The Community Center of St Bernard is therefore pleased to announce that they now have 20 iPads available to help people who want to learn computing basics.

"iPads have an intuitive graphical interface that has been used successfully in settings ranging from pre-schools to adult education programs to promote computer literacy," noted Iray Nabatoff, Community Center Executive Director. "New users of all ages and backgrounds quickly feel comfortable with iPads, which makes it easier for them to learn new computing skills."

After attending a required 1 hour training session at the Community Center of St Bernard, residents will be able to sign out the iPads for a 2-week period so that they can continue learning how to use them and work on improving their computer literacy in the comfort of their own homes.

The iPads are pre-loaded with training guides to help residents with job search basics including resume-writing and preparing for an interview. The iPads also include financial literacy training courses, introductory Spanish and French language modules, ESL courses, and apps for New Orleans-area news sources including the Times-Picayune and the NOLA guide so that residents can keep informed about local news and events that affect them.

Social networking apps like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more are included as well, and residents will also learn how to personalize iPads with other programs and apps that reflect their own interests.

The iPad Computer Literacy Program is made possible through the generous support of the Samuel I Newhouse Foundation. For more information about the iPad Computer Literacy Program at the Community Center of St Bernard, or to make an appointment for a training session, please phone the Community Center of St Bernard at 504-281-2512.

Basic Computer Classes Begin July 15

The Community Center's next round of free computer classes will begin on July 15. To enroll, please phone the Community Center at 504.281.2512 or stop by the Community Center office after 9 AM on Monday, July 7. No registration will be accepted before 9 AM on July 7and all classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Class size is limited to 8 members for each class with a waiting list of 4 members. Classes will only be held if at least 5 people are registered.


Day 1: Introduction to Windows 7 — Understanding basic Windows elements and settings (toolbars, start menu, display settings, power options, user preferences).

Day 2: Using Windows 7 — Using Windows Explorer and common file and folder commands (delete, rename, properties, views).

Day 3: Using Windows 7 Part II — Using essential services including Windows Help and Windows Search and printer setup. More work with files and folders including cut, copy, paste and handling multiple files.

Day 4: Word Processing — Microsoft Word 2010. Creating new documents, using cut, copy, paste and undo commands.

Day 5: Introduction to the Internet - Internet Explorer 9. Searching, using web addresses, maps, directions, image searches.

EVENING CLASSES: Tuesdays 5—6 PM on July 15, 22, 29 and Aug 5, 12

MORNING CLASSES: Thursdays 10—11 AM on July 17, 24, 31 and Aug 7, 14

New Public Computers at the Community Center of St Bernard!

Thanks to generous donations from the Credit Bureau of Baton Rouge Foundation, Entergy Micro Grants and the Brown Foundation, the Community Center of St Bernard's Media Lab now has new Dell Inspiron One computers with Windows 7 available for use by the public.

These new machines are being kept very busy by clients who are doing job searches, working on the FDIC's MoneySmart online financial literacy course, filing assistance claims, and just keeping in touch with friends and family displaced after hurricane Katrina. And thanks to a wonderful software donation from vmware, these computers are also being used for basic training classes in both Windows 7 and Windows XP!

The Community Center is very grateful to the donors and grantors whose generosity made upgrading the Media Lab's public computers possible, and we invite everyone to stop by and check out these great new machines!


Website Design and Maintenance Services Available

Custom website design and maintenance services are now available from the Community Center of St Bernard! If you or your organization needs a website or blog set up, or just wants to bring the information on your current site up-to-date, the Community Center can help! Fees vary depending on the type of service being provided, with a 15% discount for organizations with a verifiable IRS 501c3 status. For more information about website design services, please phone the Community Center during normal business hours.

Internet Acceptable Use Statement

The Community Center of St Bernard is committed to its role in providing essential recovery resources to residents of St Bernard Parish and surrounding areas. Providing Internet-connected computers enables the Community Center to facilitate resident access to information and services beyond what are available on-site. However, not all sources on the Internet provide information that is accurate, complete, current, legal or philosophically acceptable to all people.

The Community Center of St Bernard upholds the right of each individual to have access to constitutionally protected material.  However, the unauthorized or illegal use of the Community Center's computing systems and facilities may result in revocation of Internet use privileges, general Community Center privileges and/or constitute grounds for civil or criminal prosecution.

The Community Center of St Bernard therefore prohibits the following:

  • Sending, receiving or displaying obscene or pornographic text or graphics inappropriate for a public and open environment.
  • Engaging in any activity that facilitates sending, receiving or displaying inappropriate materials to a minor.
  • Activities that disrupt the Community Center or its network.
  • Loading or downloading software from the Internet or using personal software programs on the Community Center's computers. 
  • Making any attempt to modify, gain access to files, passwords or data belonging to others, seeking unauthorized access to the Community Center's or any other computer system or damaging or altering software components of any network or database.

Public Internet computers are not secure and should not be used to transfer financial and other personal data. The Community Center is not responsible for the misuse of personal information entered on websites, nor can it guarantee that Community Center computers will access any purchased Internet content.

The Community Center allows the use of USB storage devices in its public computers to save or retrieve information (USB storage devices should not require device drivers or special software to be installed for use with Windows XP). Connecting other types of devices to the computer using the USB ports is not recommended. The Community Center is not responsible for technical support required by the use of the devices or any damage, loss or destruction of personal devices or data connected by customers.

The Community Center reserves the right to schedule time on all Internet access computers, or to request that users finish their sessions early in order to accommodate others on days when there is a line of clients waiting to use the computers.  Clients are required to sign up for a computer by using the clipboard in the main office.  All columns on the clipboard must be filled in completely. Clients may be asked to provide identification in order to confirm sign-in information on the clipboard.

The Community Center of St Bernard is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers.  Information concerning personal use of the Internet is confidential; however it will be released to law enforcement personnel upon request.